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Why use an external sevices supplier for outsourcing?

Outsourcing means separating out a company's operating activities with the aim of reducing fixed costs. 

We understand that running accounting, prepating salaries, managing the social and health insurance agendas and the mandatory statistical and other returns are not your business priorities. We can offer our services in a range of forms, so that you can concentrate solely on developing your business. The advantages of outsourcing include low fixed monthly costs, the ability to reduce the costs of having your own specialists, including recruiment, initial and on-going training, as well as removing entirely and costs for your own computer hardware and software, including acquisition, updates, maintenance and renewal.


Intras Consulting can provide services in the following areas:

Accounting and tax records
Human resources and payroll
Reporting, Management Reporting
Auditing services
Monitoring the Insolvency Register
Legal services
Founding and managing companies
International tax planning

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