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Accounting and tax records

We provide comprehensive accountancy services for the self-employed, companies and organisations. We set up systems by the type of client - from simple document collection and later processing, through database duplication, up to easy-to-use remote access to our server.


Processing and management of double-entry accounts include:

  • Operating accounting in line with current legislation and lower-level legally binding standards, with the principal outputs in either Czech or English.
  • Maintaining tax records (earlier known as single-entry accounting).
  • Periodic preparation of accounts closing, with analysis of business performance.
  • Warehousing records.
  • Operating accounting based on cost centres, cost/revenue management accounts and activities as required by the client.
  • Maintenance of asset records, asset depreciation and necessary adjustments.
  • Preparation of mandatory reports for the statistical authorities.
  • Representation before the tax authorities, or the Labour Office, inclusive of communication usig the data post box.
  • Remote access to our server is included, giving an overview of posted data, printing of analyses and reports and the option for simple (non-expert) use of the software, for example to manage company treasury or generate sales invoices.
  • Development of draft company directives based on knowledge of your needs, workflow and custom and practice.



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