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Human resources and salaries

By a comprehensive approach to the salaries agenda we mean all activities related to the establishment, administration and termination of an employment or similar relationship, including foreign employees (expatriates). This covers in particular: 

  • Recording of the employee in the system on the basis of information from the client and a completed questionnaire
  • Registration of the employer and employee at the appropriate social security and health insurance offices
  • Calculation of wages/salary using input documents received
  • Printing of salary slips in security payslip envelopes or sending by email
  • Preparation of salary processing summary reports
  • Posting of documents for salary items in line with the requested structure
  • Preparation of bank transfer documents for salaries and deductions
  • Records for holidays taken, as well as other non-mandatory salary items (deductions, personal insurance contributions, etc)
  • Provision of confirmations and reports as requested by individual employees
  • Calculation of compulsory employee insurance
  • Representation before the tax authorities, health insurance, social security offices, as well as Labour Offices, courts, debt recovery offices in matters relating to employees - inclusive of communication using the data post box
  • Management of ex-patriot employee issues


As standard, our work cover all administration associated with the employment, administration and termination of employment, and in particular the preparation of all documentation required for calculating state pension, record sheets for pensions, change of employment documentation (UK equiv.: P45; US: pink slip), sign-outs. In particular, we operate and prepare:

  • Preparation of works timetable, assistance in planning shift working
  • Brought forward figures from previous work
  • Employment contracts, short-term contracts (300-hour and 100-hour agreements), wage and salary notices - all in line with models signed off by the client
  • Change of employment documentation (UK equiv.: P45; US: pink slip) and various other confirmations
  • Pension records agenda



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