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International Tax Planning

Learned Hand, former U.S. judge: “Taxes are an enforced requirement and not a voluntary contribution. There is nothing sinister in so arranging one's affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible.”

We believe that success in business - in particular financial - should flow into three areas: (i) to the owners of the business, (ii) to the employees of the business and (iii) to the state. Nevertheless businessmen are not obliged to pay more in taxes that the law requires, and within legal operations, trading transactions and the use of income, they should try to minimise their tax burden. 

International tax structures can be used effectively in international trade, the provision of consultancy services, in investment activities, in trading in receivables, in anonymity for asset holdings, for profits from holding companies, shares and trading stakes.

If your motive is tax optimisation, a different legal environment, avoiding regulation of your business activities, protecting your privacy or anonymity for your ownership, and your motive can be satisfied legally, then Intras Consulting, a.s. can provide effective help in preparing and organising your foreign business structure.


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